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The full  Anxiety, Depression,Trauma Training is  training is designed to help you:
• Create safe spaces for survivors of trauma
• Develop trauma-sensitive language and cues
• Set appropriate boundaries for touch, personal space, and teacher-student relationships
• Understand how trauma, anxiety, and depression affect the nervous system
• Understand the roots of trauma in society and the self
• Encourage the natural healing process through appropriate yoga practices
• Have a stronger foundation for work with teen and adult survivors of sexual abuse

As a mind/body practice, yoga is a powerful way to allow students access to the physiological aspects of the nervous system’s process, the pathway to healing and greater resilience. Yoga instructors especially need to be aware of the impact of trauma on their students. Where touch, cues, and sequencing come into play, the possibility of encountering long-held tension and trauma is always present.

Students will learn to understand and engage with students in a way that respects and cares for their unique histories and challenges. Our experienced teachers will teach you how to make your classes safer, more approachable, and more appealing to the general public. You will emerge with a trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive teaching practice, grounded in the neuroscience of trauma physiology and the cutting edge of yoga teaching methodology.

The Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Certificate is granted to students who complete 30 or more hours of affiliated coursework.

The training is made up of two required classes, observation and participation in trauma informed classes, and two trauma-related article responses. Students must attend a seven-hour training on Yoga Teacher Boundaries, Ethics, and the Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga (core 1), and a 10-hour training core module on Advanced Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (core 2), for a total of 17 core hours. Students must also read and respond to two assigned trauma related articles (5 hours) and attend an additional 8 hours of trauma-informed yoga classes for a total requirement of 30 hours.

Yoga Alliance Continuing education credits are available for this training.

Cost of Core 1: $125

For more information about this or any other teacher trainings with Daisy Yoga, please contact Rhonda Waterhouse at



Rhonda Waterhouse

Rhonda has been teaching yoga since 2013. She has specialized training in therapeutic yoga, prenatal yoga & yoga for veterans. She teaches yoga in Gaston & Cleveland counties & is the owner of Daisy Yoga.

Sarah Henderson

Sarah became a yoga teacher in  2010. She has advanced training in adaptive yoga, kids yoga & yoga for plus-sized bodies. She teaches yoga classes, workshops & retreats in Charlotte.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

with Rhonda Waterhouse & Sarah Henderson

Teaching Yin Yoga 
Saturday, April 28, 2018
9:00 AM  5:00 PM
Learn to teach yin yoga! This 7 hour training will teach you how to safely and effectively teach yin yoga to students of varying abilities.7 hours 
Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed or 7 hours toward 200 hour YTT

Trauma Training

for Yoga Teachers 
Saturday, April 14, 2018
9:00 AM  5:00 PM

Do you want to help people

dealing with anxiety, depression,

or PTSD? 

7 hours YA Cont. Ed or toward 200 hour YTT

Learn to lead trauma informed yoga classes and classes for people who have anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Daisy Yoga's Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training is designed to give yoga teachers the knowledge they need to make their teaching safe and helpful for all students. This training allows yoga teachers to deepen their knowledge of psychology, physiology, and trauma in the context of the practices of yoga and meditation.

September 2018-May 2019 ​

We believe that yoga is for EVERY body.

With an emphasis on working with all kinds of bodies with all kinds of real-life challenges, this in- depth yoga program will teach you to share the gift of yoga with a variety of students. 

Learn pose alignment, anatomy, breath work & meditation techniques, yoga philosophy & history, successful yoga business strategies, as well as how to make your classes accessible for older adults, those living with chronic health conditions or disabilities, trauma survivors & students in plus- sized bodies. This course will also encourage you to take your personal practice deeper through reflection, journaling & community building.

Full Tuition - $2700
Pay as You Go - Pay for Modular Trainings that are included in the 200 Hour YTT