Laptop Bag or Purse     45      

The large bag ($45) measures 11"h x 16"w x 4.5"d and will hold a 15.6" laptop.  The medium bag ($42) measures  9.5"h x 15"w x 4.5" d.  The small bag is $35.  All have 6 external pockets for headphones, cords, usb drives, glasses, pens, and other items. An internal pocket with a zipper can be added for $5.   

Soft Yoga Block     42      

This soft yoga block is filled with buckwheat hulls for stability and comfort.  The handles makes it easy to carry.  The inner bag is removable to allow the cover to be washed.

Beach Treasure Bags         10

Bags collect your beach treasures while allowing sand and water to fall away.  The treasure bags are made from recycled mesh bags, neck ties, and seat belts.

Wristlet Key Fobs         10

Wrist fobs are made from recycled purse parts, seat belts, ribbons, and belts.

Other Handmade Items

Duffle Yoga Mat Bag             45

This quilted yoga mat bag makes it easy to carry your mat and keep it clean between classes. This bag comes in a variety of patterns and colors.  One front pocket and a top zipper are included in the price. Additional pockets can be added for $5 each.        

Throw Quilt     120

These handmade "rag" quilts are good for use as props or to cover up during savasana.

Bolster Cover        30

Fill this bolster cover with a rolled quilt and use for support during yoga.  

Meditation Pillow     45      

This meditation pillow (aka Zafu) is designed for comfort during meditation.  

Eye Pillows        10

Lavender scented eye pillows help students relax during savasana. Covers made from vintage silk are washable on gentle.

Sandbags          22

Sandbags add weight (5 lbs) to yoga poses helping grounding and opening.

Custom Yoga Bags & Props

Daisy Yoga Designs

Duffle Bags               45      

This is a great weekend or gym bag!  It measures 19"L x 10"w x 10"d and will hold a lot of stuff!

iPad or Tablet Beanbag      20

These pillows hold your tablet

so you can read of work with

your hands free.  The styrofoam beans  are light and easy to

adjust for comfort.

Garment Bag               47      

Travel lovely with this garment bag!  Carry your hanging garments in style!

Heating Pad        20

The heating pad is filled with rice for heating in the microwave.  The cover can be made in any color.   

Daisy Yoga

Tote Yoga Mat Bag             51

This stylish yoga mat bag makes carrying your mat fun!  This bag can be made in just about any color or pattern.  A zipper pocket is included in the price. A top zipper can be added for $7 extra.        

Yoga for EVERY body!